Boden photography comp for kids, not as good as it looks

Update July 2009: After a whole load of emails from photographers and customers it looks like Boden have buckled and changed the terms and conditions. They no longer want the option of selling your photos to anyone they wish, but they can still transfer them to a third party, well it’s a step in the right direction.

May 2009: As a father of three, my wife and i like Boden, they produce nice cool clothes with an ethical edge to them so i was quite intrigued by a photography competition they are running for kids. Sounds great fun, kids take pics of kids in mini Boden clothes, maybe win £1000 worth of clothes and donate a fiver to charity, but when you look a bit deeper you start to see it isnt as ethical as it seems

Note this section

For any entry that you send us, you give JP Boden & Co Ltd the unrestricted right to use, copy, change, adapt, publish, translate and re-work your entry, free of any payment being made to you, with the option to transfer to a third party, sell, distribute the content, or combine it into any other form, medium or technology, with no compensation to you and for all time.

What this basically means is they own and can do whatever they want with your childrens photographs.

These kind of copyright grabbing photography competitions are fast becoming the norm, but targeting kids is something else.
If you have any questions or concerns please email for the attention of Steve Jones

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