Happy Fathers Day.

As its Fathers Day I thought I would post a few of my favourite Father and bride photos I have taken over the last few years.

Being a dad of three (two of them girls) at some point in the future I may be in the same position of having that emotional moment when you see your daughter in her dress for the first time, walking down the aisle and giving that special speech on their wedding day.  To be honest it sounds terrifying and I have no idea how I will react, but more and more whilst shooting a wedding I realise just how important these photos are.

So for all the dads out there who have sat and looked bewildered as an army of bridesmaids, hairdressers, makeup artists invade your home on the wedding day, cried as you see your daughter in her dress, nervously paced the garden thinking about the speech and stood proud as you gave your little girl away……Happy Fathers Day.

Father and BrideFather_of_the_Bride002Father and BrideFather_of_the_Bride004Father_of_the_Bride005Father_of_the_Bride006Father_of_the_Bride007Father_of_the_Bride008Father_of_the_Bride009Father_of_the_Bride010Father_of_the_Bride011Father_of_the_Bride012Father_of_the_Bride013Father_of_the_Bride014Father_of_the_Bride015Father_of_the_Bride016Father_of_the_Bride017Father_of_the_Bride018Father_of_the_Bride019Father_of_the_Bride020Father_of_the_Bride021Father_of_the_Bride022Father_of_the_Bride023Father_of_the_Bride024Father_of_the_Bride025Father_of_the_Bride026Father_of_the_Bride027Father_of_the_Bride028Father_of_the_Bride029Father_of_the_Bride031Father_of_the_Bride033

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