Wedding photography price list


I would love to hear more about your wedding, so if you are interested in me capturing your big day please fill out the contact form or drop me an email with some details about what you have got planned (when you are getting married and the ceremony / reception venue) and I will send you a price guide with all the info you will need.

Alternatively you can call me on 07921122241.

Wedding photography price list

Wedding Albums

Sadly, many people don’t seem to realise the importance of the wedding album itself. A great wedding album, like a great wedding photograph, is timeless – therefore I only use albums of exceptional quality and design.

Seldex Artistic Albums are one of the world’s leading companies with the largest range of materials and products available. This means that you get an album that won’t just ‘do the job’ – you get an album that meets all your wishes and aesthetic requirements.

I want to ensure that your precious memories can be enjoyed for generations to come, and what a lot of my clients tell me is that they get almost as many people complementing them on their choice of album as they do complementing them on the quality of their wedding photographs.

Choose from three album sizes 17″, 14″ and 12″

ALBUM 1: £975 120 images mounted in a 17″ x 13″ bespoke book bound matted album.Wedding Photography Price list

ALBUM 2: £775 90 images mounted in a 14″ x 11″ bespoke book bound matted album.High Quality book bound wedding albums

ALBUM 3: £450 60 images mounted in a 12″ x 12″ bespoke book bound matted album.Wedding photography and Album price list

Over 40 cover choices including brocade, leatherette, linen and more
Premium leather cover upgrade + £100

Wedding Photography Price List

9″ x 9″ parent album 40 images £270
9″ x 9″ parent album 20 images £230

Choose the images you want or let us design your album to show the story of your day. All designs are sent by pdf for approval before ordering.



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